The last pageant that I participated in was the Miss North Ontario Regional Canada Pageant. My platform for this pageant was about suicide and how we should try to help people who are suffering from it. Well this time around I’m going to go more in detail about the reasons why people would consider this an option and how we can help these people. There are multiple reasons why a person would rather take away their life then continuing with the one that they were given. Their reasons might consist of depression, bullying, eating disorders, PTSD and etc. But what I want to talk to you about today is post-traumatic stress disorder, especially in our troops. What’s PTSD you might ask? PTSD is a mental health condition. This disorder usually occurs after experiencing or witnessing a petrifying event. Examples of the different events that might be a cause of PTSD are the following; an accident, naturel disaster, abuse, seeing death and etc. Having had family who as war veterans have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, it is my goal as Miss Teenage Canada to raise awareness and support. So we can acknowledge firstly the men and women that put their own lives on the line every day to fight for our beautiful country. But also to help the rest of the people from this wonderful country that are also suffering from PTSD. The least we can do for our troops is to lend a helping hand because we all know how much they have been through and sacrificed for our freedom. NO MAN LEFT BEHIND.



Miss Teenage West Nipissing

Written by: Cassandra

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  1. Grand Papa Claude et Pierrette says:

    That is very well said Cassandra and you are so right ! Good Luck and we love you!

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