West Nipissing is a great area to live in and to visit. West Nipissing consists of multiple little towns like; Sturgeon Falls, Cache Bay, Verner, Field, Crystal Falls, Lavigne, Kipling, North Monetville, Desaulniers, Evansville and etc. It’s a municipality in Northeastern Ontario, Canada, on Lake Nipissing in the Nipissing District. It is also the most bilingual community in Ontario, with about 70% of its people speaking fluently in English and French. Roughly half of its population is in Sturgeon Falls. How interesting, right?

But enough with all those facts. I’m going to talk about my favourite place to visit in my area of representation. One of my favorite places to visit in West Nipissing is the government dock, also known as Minnehaha Bay. There are many different things you can do there, like going boating for instance. Boating is a very fun activity. There are so many different things you can do with and/or on a boat. You can go fishing, water skiing, kneeboarding, parasailing, and tubing or just have plain old fun driving your boat. Whatever floats your boat, right? You could also go kayaking and canoeing. But just make sure you don’t create a wake (minimal amount of waves/speed)!

Another thing you could do is visit Twiggs Coffee Roasters. If you’re looking for the freshest coffee in town Twiggs is the place to go. They actually blend and roast they’re own coffee beans in house every morning. They will also guarantee you a unique and satisfying cup of coffee every time. But what else do they have other than amazing coffee? They have delicious homemade lunches, desserts, specialty teas and fresh juices. To add on they also have very high standers when it comes to having the freshest ingredients for their really healthy menu selections. It’s honestly one of my favorite places to hang out with my friends.

What else can I do at the Minnehaha Bay you might ask? Well just at the top of the hill there’s a small but very fun splash park. It’s good for all ages and it’s family friendly. Our splash park is fun to visit on a hot day and it’s a great place to go with small kids because even if they don’t want to go to the splashpark we have a fun play structure right beside. Plus if you’re there to relax there are trees and benches where you would be able to read a book or have a relaxing conversation with some of your family or friends.

Were you going to ask if there’s anything else you should know about? Have you ever heard of Rock ‘N’ Ribs? Well I have and I go every year. Rock ‘N’ Ribs is a fun and family friendly music and rib festival. It’s one of the fastest growing rib festival and outdoor music concerts in Northern Ontario. They feature some of the best headline acts that preform for an amazing 12 hours. I even remember watching Sturgeon’s own High Holly Days the first year of this event. It was awesome!! They have some of the best Canadian artist and bands and some of our own West Nipissing residence play and/or sing at the festival. They also award winning professional rib teams that compete for prizes and bragging rights. It’s also organized by a local not-for-profit while supporting local organization and charities. It’s a one day festival held during the summer. They also have a great and fun kids zone which has a climbing wall! How fun!!!

Make sure your next family vacation is in West Nipissing and come visit beautiful Minnehaha Bay. It doesn’t matter wether you are a type of person looking for a thrills or someone who’s looking to have more of a relaxing day because Minnehaha Bay is the place to be!

Written by: Cassandra

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  1. Grand Papa Claude et Pierrette says:

    Very well said Cassandra…good luck again !

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