I am so happy!! You know why? Well I’m going to tell you. Last weekend I made a raffle for the ” Free The Children” Charity and it went great! I continued picking up money during the week by seeling tickets and I ended up raissing a great amount for this wonderful charity. I am so proud of myself for doing this and I am so glad that this is all going towards an amazing cause. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and the lucky winners will be called in the next two weeks. They will be given ” The Ultimate Dining card”. To be spasific two 25$ gift cards are going to be given away and one 50$ gift card. So much fun! Well I can’t wait to hear how happy these people are that they won.

Talk to you soon,

Miss Teenage West Nipissing

Written by: Cassandra

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  1. Grand Papa Claude et Pierrette says:

    Congratulations Cassandra…Good job !

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