Cassie your fashion style blogger has search the streets of West Nipissing to stumbled upon a girl with lots of style. What does fashion really mean? What do people these days consider as fashion? What does this generation wear and why would they choses these particular looks? Well I’m going to tell you what this one girl told me about what she thinks and believes fashion is once I found her on Roy Street, Sturgeon Falls, ON, and she’ll let use in on some of her tips. But I can’t use her name or her face because she would rather stay anonymous.

This is what she said when I told her to explain her first outfit to me. She said, “my first outfit choice is a black lase crop top which I bought for 10$ at Stiches. With a pair of high wasted blue jeans that I also got at an amazing price of 10$ and guess where I bought? If you guest Stiches you are completely right. To bring it all together I chose to wear a pair of black high heels that have multiple small gems on the back. I bought these heels at Le Chateau for 35$. This outfit is great for a trip to town or a trip to the city. It is also very fun and flirtatious. This shirt in particular can be worn two different ways. On the shoulders which covers a bit more or you can wear it off the shoulder which makes it look more risky and flirtations but it still looks really nice and put together. The reason why I picked these high wasted pants was because high wasted pants are a lot more flattering especially with the right crop top. Well actually most crop tops for that matter. But lets get back to those jeans. Having them high wasted really accentuates your curves even if you don’t have much. Last but not least lets talk about those killer high heels. The black heels makes the outfit have just a bit of an edge. The reason why I’m saying this is because of the subtle point at the end and the multiple tinny, little gem stones gives it just the right amount of class.” Honestly I agree with her 100%. Wow she has style!

Her second outfit is perfect for an interview. She said that she wore this outfit at her interview with the judges at her last pageant. She bought every one of the pieces at Le Chateau. Her black dress was about 85$. The beautiful scarf was 30$ and her heels were about the same price as the scarf. She said, “the reason why I bought this dress over the others was because this dress was very appropriate for an interview and not only that, I love how simple it was.” I told her that I believed the reason behind that was because with such a simple dress you can really dazzle it up with whatever colored scarf, purse or shoes you want. Just make sure that they’re not black and make sure that they’re not all the same color. For example if you buy a bleu purse then get a pair of bleu 1 1/2″ to 2″ heels. The scarf is usually pretty simple to buy. The scarf you need to match with your chosen color pallet but not too much or you’ll look too “matchy” which isn’t good either. She completely agreed with me.


I asked her if she would need to sum up what she does when she looks for a good outfit this is what she said, “I usually look for something that isn’t too pricy since I know I am still growing and I will eventually grow out of it. Another thing that I Iook for in an outfit is that I can use it on multiple occasions. Even if I need to switch it up a bit with different accessories it will still look nice and affordable. But make sure you look unique and not cheap.” Because you don’t always need to spend lots of money to look amazing which is something I also live by.

Thank you for reading,

Miss Teenage West Nipissing

Written by: Cassandra

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